Duchess Enterprise will ship ANYWHERE with proper shipping cost paid by buyer -- it may take me 1 or 2 extra days of work --- PLEASE ASK ---- PLEASE email for questions regarding shipping -- will work with you whenever possible.... all shipping is done via USPS whenever possible.... depending on the size and weight of item.... please email and ask for alternate options..... pickup is always available if you would like
We are Email friendly --- please ask anything you would like -- Answers come back to you with in 24 to 48 hours.......mostly the same day
Hello, Thanks for asking ------- currently we accept ** ** www.PayPal.com **** for on line payments For Snail Mail, We accept ** ****U.S.P.S Money Orders and BANK Cashier Checks **** ONLY We will need an additional 24 Business Hours -- to process MO's and CC's You know the criminals have found out how to "forge" these 2 secure forms of payments --- so we are forced to verify that they are authentic to process your purchase...... Darn criminals anyway!!!!
You may choose to add insruance to ANY item you purchase -- please email for pricing and confirmation. here are SOME items that will have Insurance added to price of shipping -- ANY PURCHASE with a cost of $100 or MORE -- will have Insurance AUTOMATICALY ADDED ** will be adding Insurance in Shipping and Handling on selected Items ** *** any item with a final value of $100.00 or more will have INSURANCE added to shipping invoice ***
For the first time in almost 15 years; Duchess Enterprise is having to charge SALES TAX --- it is getting harder and harder for us independent sellers to fight the new rules and regulations. --- If you would like to email, we may be able to work out a discount in another area to balance out. Thank you so much for your understanding-- Duchess